Reddy, Manipal & Renuka

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Manipal & Renuka Reddy
Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Chheda, Pravin & Madhu

Manipal and Renuka both have very fond memories of growing up in Hyderabad, India. As is quite common in India, Renuka is part of a very large, extended family, and is extremely family-oriented. Manipal grew up in a smaller family, one of four brothers, and is also very committed to his family.

Both engineers by profession, and equally ambitious, Manipal and Renuka had come to the United States in 1985 to pursue master's degrees in computer science at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. With their highly successful careers in the telecommunications industry, they were jointly making a six-figure income when their friends, Sudheer and Sulbha Solarpurkar, showed them a business plan in late 1989. They were not looking for anything at that point, but considered trying it because they had nothing to lose, and perhaps there would be some tax benefits.

Manipal, a go-getter from the word GO, saw the opportunity and took charge. Today, they have a very large organization, both nationally and internationally. Manipal built his business himself until late 1990 when they went Platinum, and Renuka joined him to actively build the business. Together, they qualified as Ruby Directs in June 1994, and grew rapidly to achieve Diamond status by August 1996.

Well-loved by their team, Manipal and Renuka have a very dedicated organization backing them in their quest for higher goals and dreams. Manipal has always been a tremendous edifier of his upline and his organization, and has immense respect for his mentors, Kanti and Lata Gala. He and Renuka are also thankful to Bill and Peggy Britt and the support of the educational system in place.

The road to Diamond was an enjoyable ride, and the Reddys learned a lot of lessons along the way. They definitely believe that the achievement itself is not so important, rather what they have become in the process of achieving. Manipal firmly believes that anyone with a dream and the willingness to change can achieve tremendous success in this business. He believes in the motto: "Always treat people as they can be, rather than the way they are!"

Today, Manipal and Renuka believe all the hard work paid off ' in a big way. Renuka is now at home full time with their two wonderful sons, Kedar and Keshav. Manipal, secure in the knowledge that their business is poised to take them to even higher success and glory, no longer needs the six-figure income from his computer consulting position. By giving up travel while they were building their business, Manipal and Renuka can now travel to many exotic places whenever they choose, including trips to their homeland, India. By giving up some time with their children, today they have quality and quantity time to spend with them.

They built the business when they did not need it, creating many, many choices for themselves today. They are now looking forward to having their frontline organizations join them on the beaches of the world, as Diamonds, and beyond'!

Downline Diamond