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Pravin & Madhu Chheda
Pravin & Madhu Chheda.jpg
Pin: Founders Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Gala, Kanti & Lata

We came to the USA, working hard to pursue our careers. Madhu was working as a ultrasonagrapher in a hospital and I was working as chemist. Due to health challenges, I had to leave my job and started working in sales. In the meantime this business opportunity came our way through Kanti and Lata Gala. They were our good friends, so there was no reason to say 'NO' to this business. Working so many hours in sales, I immediately understood the value of time, which I would rather spend with my family and provide them a better life. Both of us created some time to build this business, and with our uplines and the incredible BWW system, it was possible.

The Journey to Diamondship was very exciting and thrilling. It was a dream come true when our hands were raised by our upline mentors, Kanti and Lata Gala, and Bill and Peggy Britt. We had visualized this moment on the FED stage so many times. We can tell you ' it was all worth it. All the 'No's' we had to go through, all the tough times that passed, all the challenges which came our way, but we never allowed anyone or anything to steal our dreams. We just overcame, stayed the course, and kept our heads held up high during this exciting journey.

We understood very well that if either of us loses our ability to work, we won't have a job; there was no security. That thought gave us more motivation to build this business. Many health challenges came our way, including cancer and heart attacks, but luckily, we dug our well before we were thirsty. We stayed focused on our dreams and goals and kept consistent and persistent. Today we have a huge organization all around the world. We are really thankful to our team for their friendship and loyalty.

Today we are also excited that we can transfer our dreams, goals, and work ethic to the next generation, our son Jinen and daughter-in-law Pankti. They became our diamond leg. As parents we are very proud of them. Business is for the whole family. Not only are we free, but we can see their freedom and their dreams coming true very soon.

We are enjoying a great lifestyle, spending precious time with family and friends, taking care of our parents, traveling all around the world, living in a beautiful home, driving nice cars, and sharing this beautiful opportunity all over the world. We love this business, this is our life, with GOD, our uplines, and the BWW System, we are looking forward to touch many more lives to come.

As of October 2008 after a trip to Peter Island, Pravin Chheda passed away leaving many people missing him.

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