Arunasalem, Velauther & Thilakawathy

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Velauther & Thilakawathy Arunasalam
Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: Canada


LOS Upline: Chheda, Madhu
Notes:Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

"A body at rest wants to stay at rest. It takes energy to overcome inertia." Aruna, a believer of this law of physics, adds, "The only thing that will jump start that energy and get it going is attitude. Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." Velauther and Thilakawathy Arunasalam, known by their friends and relatives as Aruna and Thilaka, always had their aspirations, the willingness to work hard, and a positive “we-can-do-it” attitude to help them reach their goals. However, the right vehicle for achieving great things in life never came along until they were introduced to this business.

Aruna and Thilaka come from the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, a pearl in the Indian Ocean, just south of India. The political situation in their motherland in the early eighties prompted them to ponder their future, and that of their sons, Aravinth, Ananthan, and Anu. In 1986, with dreams of a better and safer life, Aruna left his job of 15 years as a railway construction inspector to work in the Sultanate of Oman. It was the beginning of almost five years of painful separation from his family.

Next, he went to the U.K. to continue his studies, and then on to Canada. Thilaka, who had been working as a senior officer at the Department of Inland Revenue in Sri Lanka, brought the children to Canada, reuniting the family in 1991. Hoping to fulfill the traditional dream of a good job, Aruna attended George Brown College in Toronto, graduating with honors in construction engineering.

He put much time, energy, and effort into excelling in his field, but even the years of education and experience did not seem to help the situation in their new home. They were at the very bottom of their desperation. In 1992, Aruna was working as a gas station attendant, and Thilaka was taking high school courses to prepare for the Canadian job market, when they first saw the business plan. They simply believed in it and started working with excitement.

From the beginning, Aruna dreamed of associating with winners. Today, many people dream of associating with this couple. "Everybody wants to achieve financial freedom," Thilaka smiles. "We love the freedom of having the money and the time to enjoy life." In only a few years, their commitment to build their business has provided this lifestyle for Aruna, Thilaka, and their four sons, including their youngest, Abiraj.

"Some people come into our life and go quickly," concludes Aruna. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts. When you help someone else with their challenges, you often wind up helping yourself as well. Through this business, anyone could touch the heart and soul of anybody, simply by helping them become what they want to be."