Annapoorani Selvaguru

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Annapoorani Selvaguru
Guru & Poorani.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: Singapore


LOS Upline: Ajmani, Kaajal & Sugeet

Annapoorani Selvaguru Diamond IBOs

Their journey to success began 17 years ago when they moved to Singapore to pursue their dreams of making it big in life. Annapoorani first started off as an IT Consultant in a local bank while Guru worked in the manufacturing sector. After years of hard work and achieving their Masters in a local university, their efforts were rewarded with the “4C’s” (Cash, Credit Card, Car and Condo). Despite realising the Singaporean dream, they were not entirely satisfied as there was no excitement in their lives. They were looking for a “golden opportunity” that would change their lives forever.

Therefore, when they were first introduced to the AMWAY business a few years ago, the timing was just right. The flexibility of working from home, the freedom to spend quality time with their children and the inheritable income were way too attractive to dismiss and today it has proven to be the right choice for them.

Although they have learnt much and reaped the success of their thriving AMWAY business, the real rewards were when they became better individuals and surrounded by a great network of dependable, lifelong friends. Not only were they able to achieve their own dreams, they have also helped many to realise theirs