Choudhary, Deepak & Shalini

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Deepak & Shalini Choudhary
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Pin: Founders Emerald
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Reddy, Manipal & Renuka

Deepak & Shalini Choudhary traveled a long way for success - a distance they measure in more than just miles.

Both emigrated from India to the U.S. to pursue their education - Deepak for a Master's degree in Distributed Systems from Cornell, and Shalini for a Master's degree in Journalism from University of Missouri at Columbia. "We succeeded in school, got great jobs, and started down lucrative career paths," says Deepak. Deepak went on to build a successful career with several Fortune 100 companies in the Bay Area, and Shalini has worked for NBC, CNN, the White House etc.

But Deepak wanted something more. "I didn't like the restrictions and limitations of large corporations," he explains. "The long hours, travel, and hard work didn't yield the level of success I wanted." So when a colleague showed Deepak the Independent Business Ownership Plan, he jumped at the opportunity.

"We were a young couple without much capital," explains Deepak. "A business powered by Amway seemed the best way to escape the stress of a traditional business."

"We were committed to making the business work," says Shalini. "But it took us a while to learn self-discipline, how to work together, and how to stay focused."

Ultimately, traveling that learning curve is what convinced the Choudharys they were on the right track. "Early on we went to a major conference," says Deepak. "The quality of people we met really opened our eyes. We saw strong values, solid leadership, mentoring - everything we'd missed climbing the corporate ladder. We felt like we'd come home."

Deepak and Shalini live in San Jose, California with their two kids, Devik and Diya

Deepak & Shalini have two Diamond Legs in India.