Bhupinder Singh & Harpreet Kaur

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Bhupinder Singh & Harpreet Kaur
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Pin: EDC
Markets: India

Winners International

LOS Upline: Sahay, Sanjiv & Shauna Diamond
Website: http://

I am a Graduate Engineer and own a manufacturing unit of electronic products in Delhi. My wife Harpreet is M.A. in Psychology from Chandigarh and a housewife. We are thankful to God for putting a positive thought in our mind about this great opportunity the Amway business. I used to be busy in my factory from morning till night and was of the opinion that I was doing the best I could. I was making then best use of the knowledge and experience that I had, and believed that I did not have time for any other business, though many people advised me to look at other options.

But when I understood the concept of the Amway business, I became serious and got involved. When we signed up, we totally believed in our sponsor who is also my brother. We never thought that the documents we were signing up would give us such big rewards in a time span of just four years. In the beginning, we had a tough time building the business, because of my busy schedule in the factory. Through hard work and proper time management, we stretched ourselves to succeed in this business.Harpreet and I, now enjoy more time together in this business. We have faced great challenges in building the business. We do believe that the bigger the challenge, more enjoyable becomes the success. We think challenge comes in three categories which are easy, difficult and impossible. Challenges which seemed difficult were made easy by the support system and an excellent line of sponsorship. We do not care of who is against us because we know so many are "with us". I believe that everybody has the wish to be successful, but only a few make the commitment. Only those who make the commitment, reach to the top. Initially, we joined this opportunity for personal security but now, our dreams have changed and we want to help millions achieve what they want. Both our children are a part of every bit of our success as they have sacrificed their personal time which we all use to spend together every evening.