Ajmani, Kaajal & Sugeet

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Kaajal & Sugeet Ajmani
Sugeet & Kaajal Ajmani.jpg
Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Bhattacharyya, Kankan & Samina

Sugeet and Kaajal met in India while working in a software company. They came to the U.S. from India with a dream to have a better future. Sugeet has an electronics engineering background, while Kaajal has her MBA. Working hard through their corporate jobs as software consultants, they were looking forward to attaining a strong financial base and a great lifestyle.

It was a rude awakening when they hit the ceiling in their jobs and knew that they would have to look at alternate ways of creating income in order to accomplish the lifestyle which they were looking for. Sugeet got in the business while he was single, and then Kaajal joined him once they got married.

"I have learned more about success through the education system of Britt Worldwide in just a few years than I had learned through 16 years of formal education," Sugeet says. "Our lives are a lot better today. We have been able to make an impact on a lot of people around the world through this opportunity, which is something we could not have done otherwise. We found our best friends in this business."

Sugeet and Kaajal have two wonderful daughters, Pallavi and Saloni. Being able to spend quality and quantity time with the kids was one of the most important things for both of them. Now, being totally financially free, their life has significantly changed compared to when they started their corporate jobs.

"We are just getting started now. This is one of the best times to build this business, because the best is yet to come. Our goal is Crown Ambassador, and the reason for that, is that it will make a very positive impact on a very large number of people around the world," Sugeet says emphatically. With tremendous enthusiasm and passion, Sugeet and Kaajal are looking forward to a bright future ahead. Sugeet and Kaajal Ajmani are the right couple at the right time for the Britt team. They're very young, in their early 30's, and have been very diligent with building the business, never got distracted. Even though, as computer consultants, they were not struggling to make a living, their motivation was to be part of the Britt team. They just stayed steady with the business.

Being in the information technology field, Sugeet could have gotten distracted when it seemed like all the stocks were up and the Internet companies were booming, but he never did. He stands on principles. And one of the principles of making money is that nothing is overnight. So, he never strayed away, or got distracted, or felt the need to take up the lucrative offers from the Internet boom, because he knew that he lived on principles. Sugeet and Kaajal are two of the most fired-up speakers in the Britt organization, and really light up the stage.

Sugeet and Kaajal Ajmani have led by example. Bill Britt has already recognized them as a couple who has what it takes in terms of attitude, work ethic, excitement, and knowledge to go Crown Ambassador, which is their long-term goal. They certainly have the momentum to grow quickly, with over 450% growth in their numbers over last year's standing order and function attendance. They're just the pride and joy of our organization!

Shivaram & Anjali Kumar, Double Diamond