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:[[Lee Fong Lin & Kelvin Leong]], [[Executive Diamond]], [[Malaysia]]
:[[Lee Fong Lin & Kelvin Leong]], [[Executive Diamond]], [[Malaysia]]
:[[Alfred Chee Ah Huat & Jose Yoon Lian]], [[Double Diamond]], [[Malaysia]]
:[[Alfred Chee Ah Huat & Jose Yoon Lian]], [[Double Diamond]], [[Malaysia]]
:[[Andy Zhang]]張仕霖, [[Executive Diamond]], [[Taiwan]]
:[[Andy Zhang]] 張仕霖, [[Executive Diamond]], [[Taiwan]]
= List Of Sub-groups of Crador =
= List Of Sub-groups of Crador =

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Crador Global Network
Launch: 1978
Website: http://www.crador2008.com
Leaders: Foo Howe Kean & Shu Chen
Countries: Malaysia, United States, Canada, Russia, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, South Africa, Taiwan, China, Vietnam
Notes: none


Crador Global was founded by Founders Crown Ambassador Foo Howe Kean & Shu Chen. Crador is one of the strongest and largest Amway groups in the world with more than 800 diamonds and more than 30 Crown Ambassadors and Founders Council Members. Crador philosophy states that all humans are unique and special, so sub-groups such as Network J&J, CA Success Associates, 3S Global Network, Galaxy Success Networking proliferate under the Crador umbrella. Although these sub-groups operate independently, they do come together annually for a Family Reunion.

Today, Crador Global has expanded to many countries.

In Nov 2006, Crador Global had a Rally in Bangkok, Thailand with more than 15k 21% & aboves and more than 30k 12% & above members who attended. In Oct 2008, Crador Global celebrated their 30th anniversary in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. More than 10,000 12% & above members attended.


The pursuit of a multi-dimentional successful life


Respect for the individual - Freedom, Dignity, Worthiness
Business Ethnics - Honesty, Trust, Integrity
Leadership Development - Independence, Expertise, Personal Development
Courageous Challenge - Enthusiasm, Self-Confidence, Perseverance


Compliments in place of criticisms
Gratitude in place of complaints
Encouragement in place of reproach
Avoid gossip and judgmental talk
Embrace a positive and optimistic attitude


Crown Ambassadors

Foo Howe Kean & Shu Chen, Founders Crown Ambassador 60
Chan Koon Tin & Chai Foong, Crown Ambassador, Malaysia
Lee, Peter & Choi Kit, Crown Ambassador,Malaysia
Khoo Chong Kok & Chai Choo, Founders Crown Ambassador,Malaysia
Mark & Peggy Lei, Founders Crown Ambassador FAA 40,Taiwan,Founders Crown Ambassador,China
Zhou, Jack & Ying,Founders Crown Ambassador,China
Zhou Wan Ming & Chen Yi Ding (aka: Zhou, Wendy & Chen, John), Founders Crown Ambassador,China
Zheng Wei Liang & Luo Bin ,Founders Crown Ambassador,China
Sun Dong & Liang Ding Su, Founders Crown Ambassador,China
Bu Fan Zhi & Lu Xian Xin,Founders Crown Ambassador,China
Zhang Fan, Crown Ambassador, China
Lu Yong Ju & Wang Ying Wu , Crown Ambassador, China
Liu Guo Qing, Crown Ambassador, China
Lim, Steven & Lee, Angeline, Crown Ambassador, Malaysia
Lee Yin Chuan & Gek Hong, Crown Ambassador, Malaysia
Forest Lee & Daisy Tseng 呂森林、曾玉玲, Crown Ambassador,Taiwan
Joe, Patrick & Joyce (พฤสณัย มหัคฆพงค์ - รมัณยา จูฑะเตมีย์), Thailand (2013)

and many others Crown Ambassador from China are not listed out.


Xu Jing, Crown, China
Kunchayangkul, Chaweng & Piyanantawarin, Kannalin เชวง คุณชยางกูร - กัญญ์นลิน ปิยนันทวารินทร์ Thailand (2014)

Triple Diamond

Hong, Xian Ming & Xiong, Hong Mei, Founders Triple Diamond, China
Cao Hong Yu & Li Jia Gui, Founders Triple Diamond, China
Zhao Feng Xia & Jiang Guang Hui, Founders Triple Diamond, China
Sirirangkamanont, Aranong, Founders Triple Diamond, Thailand
Tosuklowong, Dr. Nongnooch & Dr. Surin, Triple Diamond, Thailand
Hongladaromp, Wilay & Racop, Triple Diamond, Thailand
Logjanavanichcharkon, Tawil & Tunyajalern, Napawan, Triple Diamond,Thailand
施素珍、康家賓, Triple Diamond,Taiwan
李月容、陳來發, Founders Triple Diamond,Taiwan, China

Double Diamond

Ng Thong Kok, Ricky, Founders Double Diamond, Malaysia
Catherine Pua & Ng Yoke Kuan, Double Diamond, Malaysia
Sing, Hii Siew & Chiong, Lu Tung, Double Diamond, Malaysia
Johnny & Vivian Ooi, Double Diamond, Malaysia

Executive Diamond

Tan Kim Hoe & Jit Wah, Founders Executive Diamond, Malaysia
Kenny Chin, Executive Diamond, Malaysia
P W & Amy Chew, Executive Diamond, Malaysia
Gan Hwa Seng & Lee Mooi, Executive Diamond, Malaysia
Choong Soong Yew & Soy Fong, Executive Diamond, Malaysia
Yip Kam Tim & Yoke Kit , Executive Diamond, Malaysia
Lee Ah Peng & Angline Chee , Executive Diamond, Malaysia
Ng Thong Seng & Kim Fong , Executive Diamond, Malaysia
Daniel Li & Susan Li , Executive Diamond, Malaysia
Lee Fong Lin & Kelvin Leong, Executive Diamond, Malaysia
Alfred Chee Ah Huat & Jose Yoon Lian, Double Diamond, Malaysia
Andy Zhang 張仕霖, Executive Diamond, Taiwan

List Of Sub-groups of Crador

3S Global Network
CA Success Association
J&J Network
3S Qun Xing
Galaxy Success Networking
Instinct Global Network
CN Global Network
PHP Global Network
VIPS Global Network


Crador creating miracles 2006

Crador Magical Moments 2008