Kunchayangkul, Chaweng & Piyanantawarin, Kannalin

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Chaweng Kunchayangkul "Chris" & Kannalin Piyanantawarin "Pam"
Kunchayangkul, Chaweng & Piyanantawarin, Kannalin.jpg
Pin: Founders Crown Ambassador (2019)
Markets: Thailand; United States; United Kingdom; Australia


LOS Upline: Kunchayangkul, Chanunt & Klinkamtornkul, Bamrungrat
Website: http://www.facebook.com/BoongPun


February 1997



United States



Kunchayangkul, Chaweng. Nickname "Boong, or Chris" (born April 11, 1978) and Piyanantawarin, Kannalin. Nickname "Pun, or Pam" (born December 7, 1983) are ones of the great Amway young leaders who firstly bursted Amway business into Gen Y people (young generation) in Thailand. In 2014, they became The Youngest Crown and FC Member of the Amway world

Chris and Pam both started to do Amway business since they were in the university. Chris started to do business when he was in sophomore year and was qualified an Emerald in Amway when he was a senior in university. Chris and Pam started to do business together in year 2005 when they were Founders Diamond and have fastly and firmly moved up to be the " World's Youngest Crown" in the past year.

Chris and Pam lead their organization with the very admirable and respectful philosophy saying that what all greatest leaders should give to their downlines are "Love, Knowledge and Belief".

In 2019, They qualified GAR 100.