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Patrick & Joyce Joe
Pin: Crown Ambassador (August 2013) Thailand, Executive Diamond - United States, Diamond - Australia, Founders Emerald - Philippines
Markets: Thailand, United States, Australia, Philippines, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, India


LOS Upline: Kunchayangkul, Chaweng & Piyanantawarin, Kannalin
Notes:'New Generation Y Team and The Youngest Crown Ambassador in the world '; Diamond in United States, Founders Emerald in the Philippines, Platinum in Australia, Platinum in the United Kingdom (7/2013)

พฤสณัย มหัคฆพงศ์ และ รมัณยา จูฑะเตมีย์ (Prutsanai Mahakkapong & Ramanya Chudatamee)

Patrick & Joyce Joe are the youngest Crown Ambassador in the world. Patrick Joe and Joyce Joe started their business in Thailand in 2002 when they were 24 and 21, and achieved 3% in the first month, 21% in the second month with first leg break out. In the third month they achieved a Ruby volume and broke the second leg. After just 4 months in the business they had 3 qualified legs and in March 2003, just six months after the sign-up, they achieved Platinum with six qualified groups and Pearl pins and in April 2003 they achieved Ruby. They achieved Emerald in 11 months and Diamond in 23 months. In 2006 they became Executive Diamond and in 2007 they achieved Founders Diamond. In 2010 they became Founders Executive Diamond, Double Diamond and Founders Double Diamond and in August 2011 they qualified as Triple Diamonds. In 2012, They achieved Crown in 2012 and Crown Ambassador in 2013.

They went to expand their business to United States (U.S.A. and Canada) on September 2009 and were recognized as new Silvers in Sep 2009, New Platinum and Ruby in February 2010, new Founders Platinum Plus in August 2010 and Emerald in February 2011. In August 2011 they achieved Founders Emerald and Diamond.

In the Philippines they went to expand their second bussiness in October 2008 and were recognized as new Silvers in December 2008, new Pearl in February 2009, new Platinum in July 2009, and Emerald in August 2009 and in November 2010 they achieved a level of Founders Emerald.

They are founding members of Braveberry Group.

Achievements In Thailand

Joined: September 2002
Platinum: March 2003
Ruby: April 2003
Sapphire: June 2003
Emerald: August 2003
Diamond: July 2004
Founders Platinum: August 2004
Founders Sapphire: August 2005
Executive Diamond: July 2006
Founders Emerald: August 2006
Founders Diamond: August 2007
Double Diamond: February 2010
Founders Executive Diamond: August 2010
Founders Double Diamond: August 2010
Triple Diamond: August 2011
Crown : July 2012
Crown Ambassador: August 2013


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