Sajid & Sarwat Sayed

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Sajid & Sarwat Sayed
Sajid sarwat.jpg
Pin: Diamond - 2011
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Shah, Raj & Sangita

Sajid came to USA to pursue his studies and after obtaining his Masters Degree took up a career with a major auto manufacturer. Although Sajid and his wife, Sarwat, a former finance student, had a comfortable life they started their business to work towards their family goal of having personal and financial freedom. Today, they have a global business spanning many countries around the world built on a foundation of honesty and integrity. Of the many benefits they have experienced, Sajid and Sarwat especially enjoy traveling that comes with building a worldwide business and the strong friendships with other Independent Business Owners. “We like the fact that you succeed in the business when you help others to succeed,” says Sajid. In doing so they have become one of the major impact players today in our industry. They are highly sought after speakers, for their knowledge, wisdom and entrepreneurship.

New Diamond - 2011 from US having 9 Diamond in organisation in United States & India

Downline Diamond