Rajesh & Ritu Nagpal

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Rajesh & Ritu Nagpal
Rajesha & Ritu Nagpal.JPG
Pin: Founders Emerald
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Rastogi, Chetan & Vineeta

Rajesh and Ritu both have a professional background, with advanced Engineering degrees. Rajesh graduated from Indian Institute of Technology and got his Master’s degree from Ohio State University. Ritu also has two MS degrees. They were busy climbing the corporate ladder, when a friend from College showed them the Independent Business Ownership plan. The business income has allowed Ritu to retire from a full time career at a young age.

In a very short span of time, the Nagpals have put together a tremendously successful business, spanning many countries. Not only they have succeeded in the business, they have mentored dozens of people in the Private Franchising business to higher levels in various markets, allowing many to become financially free.

Today this couple travels the world sharing their experiences; mentoring people and helping them develop their own global franchise.