Firdosh & Nilofer Sethna

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Firdosh & Nilofer Sethna
Pin: Diamond 2013
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Sajid & sarvat sayyad, Diamond 2011

Firdosh & Nilofer Sethna both originally hail from Mumbai, India and have been settled in Toronto, Canada, for several years.

"We both longed for a better life and were driven to make that life happen. When you are from a middle class family and have limited education, it's difficult to have high hopes for the future. Moving to Canada was an impossible dream, but I still dreamt it," says Nilofer, who came to Toronto at a young age with $300 and a huge dream. After getting married to Firdosh, they started to shape a better future together.

When they were introduced to the Amway business by their best friend, who lived in Michigan, Firdosh worked for a Logistics company and Nilofer was a Corporate Travel Consultant. "We had only 3 questions for our Sponsor: ‘Are you doing it?' ‘Will you help us?' and ‘How much will it cost?', " says Nilofer, who believed in the business and in their Sponsor, but was hesitant about Firdosh's commitment. He had started many things, but left them halfway through. As they were introduced to the BWW team and exposed to the core line Amway products their belief started increasing and they saw Amway, with powerful assistance by the BWW system, as a bridge from poverty to prosperity.

Firdosh and Nilofer`s faith, desire and willingness to work gave them a truly equal opportunity. They were not limited by what they did not have - a master's degree, money or business experience. "This business gave us everything we expected and more than we hoped for."

This business made it possible for both of them to create an income outside of their jobs, so that they could one day walk away from their jobs and live a life of significance. Firdosh has been fulltime in the business for over 15 years, and they have had the privilege of serving both their parents in Toronto and Mumbai with time and money. Says Firdosh, "Every year we travel within North America and to many other countries around the world and are able to be of financial assistance to our family and friends. In fact many of our team players are more than family to us."

Today they have a global business with substantial teams in Canada, the US, India, UK and Australia, to name a few countries. Says Firdosh, "Don`t let the short term pleasures of life distract you from achieving long term happiness & peace of mind. It`s not only about dreaming big but how long you continue to dream big. As Bill Britt has always said - ‘get started, stay steady and don`t quit - you will make it.' "

Having one diamond in their group.