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Chak & Uma Kakani
Pin: Founders Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Rastogi, Chetan & Vineeta

Chak and Uma Kakani may not have known each other when they first came to the U.S. from India to earn their master’s degrees, but they both arrived with a common belief that “this truly is the land of opportunity,” says Chak.

When the couple was introduced to the Independent Business Ownership Plan, “those opportunities turned out to be even better than we expected,” says Uma.

The two met while in school, and after graduation started out as engineers in the telecommunications industry. “But we knew we wanted to have our own business some day,” says Chak. “We compared Quixtar to a lot of other things we were looking at, and it beat every other business out there, hands down. When you look at the low entry cost, the support you get from your upline, and the unlimited potential, nothing even comes close.”

Plus, adds Uma, “You get to work from home, so families can be together.”

Their friends didn’t see it that way, though. “Because we were immigrants, people would profess to know more about business opportunities than we did,” says Uma. “They had their own perceptions, and would say things like, ‘You two are just starting out in your careers, why would you want to do something like this?’ But we thought for ourselves and made our own judgments. We saw something they didn’t.”

And that something changed their lives dramatically.

With help from their upline, their business grew, and they were both able to leave their engineering jobs behind. Today they travel the globe with a business that spreads from North America to the U.K. and India. “My parents are part of our group in India, and they are doing very well,” says Chak with pride.

Setting an example

In fact, his father’s influence is what gave Chak the determination to become an entrepreneur someday. “I remember when my father quit working for someone else and started his own business,” recalls Chak. “His example inspired me.”

Chak and Uma also believe in setting good examples themselves. “We are very loyal to our products and use them all,” says Chak. “I think the direction Quixtar is heading with cutting-edge health products like the XS™ Energy Drinks and Bars is the best thing that’s happened.”

The couple finds tremendous satisfaction in helping others, too. “People from all walks of life come into this business, from doctors and engineers to those who maybe can’t even speak English, and it’s wonderful to see them succeed,” says Uma.

“We tell people, ‘If you apply yourself to this business with consistency and persistency, you cannot fail,’” adds Chak. “With all the changes in the global economy, there are a lot of people looking for opportunities right now,” he continues. “I honestly believe we are just at the tip of the iceberg.”

The couple is also thrilled about the newest role they’ve taken on: parenthood. Their daughter, Sindhu, arrived in May. “I’m so happy that Chak is able to be here during this special time,” says Uma. “Not all fathers have the opportunity to work from home.”

“And we’re not stopping here,” says Chak. “Diamond is a good checkpoint, but we plan on going even higher.”

A perfect goal for a couple that’s built a lovely life in the land of opportunities.