Riggan, Lew & Darlene

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Lew Riggan & Darlene Woodall
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Pin: Double Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Newberry, John & Wanda

Success story

Lew Riggan:- Lew, a retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel, is committed to his work with the Rotary Club. While growing in Texas & attending Texas A & M University, Lew set goals for achieving financial success. He tried his hand in various business ventures, ranging from investing in a grapefruit grove to dabbling in the stock market. Disappointed, he continued to search for something better. In 1968, when he was approached regarding the idea of starting his own independent business, he was a pilot for a major airline.

"I was an instructor pilot, & there was a Sergeant who had his own business. Every body bought products from him like Shoe Polish because we had to keep those boots shiny," he recalls. When Lew finally saw the IBO Plan, he realized it was a "logical business". He was also struck with a unique characteristic of the business i.e. people encouraging others to succeed.

"This business is phenomenal. The Company is respected around the world & it just gets better every year", adds Lew.

Darlene Riggan:- After graduating from Auburn University in Alabama, Darlene entered the world of high fashion. She was looking for an opportunity to have her own business and also wanted to give her children quality life, and spend more time with them. This business made all this possible for her.

Downline Diamonds

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