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Maryanna Johnson
Maryanna Johnson.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Riggan, Lew & Darlene

The timing was right when Maryanna saw the business presentation. She was a wife and young mother looking for a way to create some additional income to pay the monthly bills and to get out of debt. Married for ten years, she had given birth to four children and had relocated eight times with her husband. She was ready for a change. After a slow beginning with no success, she attended a function where she saw others who were successful. She got excited to learn that her success was dependent upon helping others be successful. With a change in attitude, she focused on her dreams to provide her family with financial security and to be a 'free' mom. She followed the steps of her upline, Lew Riggan, and began to develop a team of Business Owners. With the help of God, her husband, friends, and family members, she was able to overcome many challenges. She became financially free in two years as a Diamond IBO.

Her children were able to have some unique educational opportunities in private Christian schools; aboard sailing ships in Europe; and in private colleges and universities. Her family was able to travel nearly all of the world.

Challenges came when Braniff Airlines went into bankruptcy, not once but three different times, and her husband, who was a Captain, was unemployed. During this time, Maryanna went back to college and graduated as a registered nurse. It was a difficult time; her brother died of cancer; her mother needed extra care; and her marriage ended. However, she had financial options, an ongoing income from her business, and promises to keep. Today Maryanna lives in the mountains of Colorado and pursues an active outdoor lifestyle. She consults and builds a global business with passion and a focus on health, beauty, and nutrition, with the huge support of the BWW team and her upline, Darlene Woodall, Lew Riggan, the Millers, and the Britts. She is excited to be in an industry with unlimited potential for growth. 'I know that this business was an incredible gift to me and I am passionate about sharing it with others.'

Downline Diamond

In India