Shuddhatm Prakash & Sandhya Bharill

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Shuddhatm Prakash & Sandhya Bharill
Shuddhatm Prakash Sandhya Bharill.jpg
Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: India

Winning Team

LOS Upline: Ravi & Ila Jain

Termination from Amway

Now Terminated from Amway

Success Story

from Amway India Amagram - November 2007

I was born in Vidisha (M.P.) and brought up in Jaipur. My parents are very religious and renowned personalities. They hold very high values of spirituality and preach across the country. I am the only son of my parents and highly influenced by the glory of blissful thoughts preached by my parents.

Earlier, I was engaging myself in a traditional business while I was studying. After a short span of time I got married to a beautiful girl, Sandhya. We have two children, Sarvgaya & Sarvdharshi.

With dreams in my eyes to do something extraordinary in my life, I was introduced to a great opportunity of this universe - Amway business opportunity: a par excellence, a road map to success where one can touch the life of many people and uplift them towards success on the path paved by patience, integrity, dedication, honesty, work ethics and a sense of achievement.

When I was in traditional business, my life was just like a slave. I was always filled with unseen fear of insecurity, tension and lots of unethical competition. As there were lot of ups & downs in my business, I gradually came to know that this is never ending process of life, where one has to manipulate a lot to get better results in life. I realized that this unethical job directly accumulates towards the cycle of bad karmas and approach us towards negative end of life.

Though I saw the Amway business plan in 1998, I was initially skeptical about it. After some time, I attended a big seminar and come to know about a great vision of Amway in India. Without any further delay, I started the business with full swing and within a short span of time, I qualified as a Silver level of recognition. After that I never looked back and continuously started achieving higher levels of recognition.

I dedicate my success to my hardships, great support of downlines to meet out my journey and the great mentor ship of my uplines. But I believe that in every success journey there are big blessings of God, who decides your destiny and shows the path to achieve it. The higher pin like EDC, is not an easy task, its not a quick money making business and infact it is a pure and ethical business. We can not compare the Amway opportunity with any other traditional businesses in which one has to work hard without any time for relaxation. It is an ongoing process in which one has to work regularly and that too in a monotonous way, with lot of insecurities, challenges, stress, competition etc. The word in dictionary for traditional business is different and should mean condemn, contempt and critic; but in Amway we learn to love, help and grow. It’s a unique business where one can create a legacy not for family but for society as well. In this platform I learnt what life is, and what the goal of life is; as we are not born for the fulfillment of our own desires but we should try our best to be a better human being and should work towards humanity. Amway business makes real person; spiritually, morally and socially. I and my family enjoy the different aspects of life. As spirituality is in born and always it entices me due to my family background, so I am very well aware about karmas, eternity of soul, salvation, inner enlightenment, carnation and re-carnation of God. So I am very clear about the goal of my life. But the previous job couldn’t fulfill my thoughts and desire, but now I can live a life of significance.

In the end, I would like to say that there is no rocket science to build this business, but only simple rules which needs to be followed. The magic of this business is duplication of man power which makes you millionaire or trillionaire. You have to just make a decision, do the basics, follow the rules of conduct, have faith in you and your upline, down line and especially God because you and your faith in God is majority. Build your business with passion.

Amway for me is like a God in disguise who not only helps me but also helps many ordinary people to live extra ordinary life.