Kamal & Shashi Dhingra

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Kamal & Shashi Dhingra
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India

Winners International

LOS Upline: Shuddhatm Prakash & Sandhya Bharill

Termination from Amway

Now Terminated from Amway

Success Story

Born and brought up in Delhi. My wife born brought up in Ahmedabad. God has blessed us two children, my daughter Komal and son Anand. We all are doing Amway business together. Before we saw this business opportunity ten years back through my college friend Mr. Ajit Denial, I tried ten businesses unsuccessfully. The reason for this was doing what I never wanted to do in business. I was always looking out for something with which I feel comfortable.

I m great full to my friend for showing me this legal in honest business. Not only this, my friend told me the history of this business, but also about Rich Devos and Jay Van Andel the cofounder of the business. I was very much impress by this and had long term view and decided to start this business in the year 1998. I felt that this business has came for me. There were lot of challenges initially to build this business, but because of faith, determination and driving force was so strong that we that we were able to handle all those challenges. We are proud to be part of winning dream team for prodding us right guidance and various tools such as cassettes, cd’s, books and other support materials to build this business, also various seminar & team meetings organized by our great MENTOR EDC going Double Diamond Mr. S.P. & Sandhya Bharill. We were continuing this business till we were founder emeralds, in 2004, it was my biggest shock of my life when I lost my eyes and I was not able to adjust due to number of eye operations without any result. That time I realize there is no point of feeling sorry for this and I decided to continue with same efforts and see the show must go on. I was getting full support from top to the bottom from Amway staff. Not only support but encouragement to move forward for which I am great full, yet another shocking incident happened in December 2007, when I came to know that I have both kidneys and I will be dialysis for rest of my wife. No doubt I lost my vital organ but I never allow this stand in my way to move ahead in this business. I took strong decision in January 2008 to complete diamondship august 2008. I felt sense of urgency to complete my diamondship before next challenges, if any comes to me. Once again I am great full to winning dream team to help me achieving this, also I am great full to lot of leaders who stood by me at the time of crisis of my life and I pray to god to bless of my life them fulfilling their dreams. If we can do it, you can also do it.