Nusshold, Hans & Eva

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Hans & Eva Nusshold
Pin: Crown Ambassador (2005)
Markets: Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Schwarz, Anja
Int. Upline: Nuyten, John & Gill
LOA Upline: Dornan, Jim & Nancy

European Diamond Advisory Council






Double Diamond August 2009


Downline Diamond


The Nusshold's were ski instructors from Vienna, Austria. They joined Amway in 1985 in Australia and went Diamond in 1988 in Austria. In 2005 they qualified as Crown Ambassadors, the first in Austria. They are affiliated with Network 21.

The actual motive for the launch into independence was the daughter Nadine - with a baby was her "funny gypsy life as a ski instructor and ski school director in Australia and the U.S. is not so simple. - They laid the foundation stone of their current organization in Austria, where they finally decided in 1989 as a diamond, put everything on one card and full-time durchzustarten in this business.

And YOUR success proves them right - they are now in over 15 European countries is very successful and are among the top 50 in the world. They are also a great example of how a good balance between professional, private place and social life. Together with her two daughters, Nadia and Nina, they live in their "dream house" in a golf and leisure resort near Vienna and enjoy their first-class lifestyle - whether on international travel or private. In particular, they estimate it to have more time for their children and parents.

Business for them good, loyal relationships are the key to the cohesion of a group. But the teamwork is the secret of success in network marketing business. For them, the establishment of strong and successful "team" of top priority and they appreciate it very personally, to play in the "world champion team of Jim and Nancy Dornan a role.

Never before has this form of business was so attractive, so necessary and so recognized as today. Therefore, they are convinced that their organization is Europe to double by the year 2010 the number of its executives from 1000 to 2000.

Hans and Eva Nusshold are convinced that their great success during the past fiscal year is based on simple principles and belief patterns, rather than on themselves. Here are some of their convictions: 1: “Get out of your comfort zone” Up to Double Diamond level Hans and Eva Nusshold lived in Wagrain/ Salzburg. To move to Vienna was a big step – new surroundings – new school – new house – new friends… but for business growth it was the only thing to do. Today, 12 years later, they have a wonderful home in Vienna but haven’t lost their roots in Wagrain. They spend 6 – 8 weeks per year with their daughters Nadine (23) and Nina (14) enjoying the tranquillity of the mountains. 2: “Fall in love with your team.” Teamwork only works on the basis of mutual respect and trust – “These are principles that Jim and Nancy Dornan shared with us and we, in turn, are happy to share with our leaders.” 3: See Europe as ONE country.” Today 90% of their business is outside of Austria. In Ada, Michigan, Hans and Eva read the following sentence: “A business without borders”. This sentence turned into a reality of modern Europe. The opening of Eastern Europe started a new way of thinking and a new, bigger business dimension. 4: “Give priority to your family.” “Only when we made the step to the 2nd generation, when our children are as thankful and they appreciate the unique possibility of the Amway business, as we do today – then we are able to say: “We succeeded in this”. The first basic rule for our girls is: “Be a 100% user of the products!” 5: “Focus on your goals.” Today, the team spirit of the whole organisation (18 countries) is focused on success. In Sydney, Australia they will be present with Diamonds from nine different European countries and by 2010 there will be further growth in their organisation!

“Never be too proud to admit your mistakes and never be too humble to celebrate your successes!”