Birkandan, Semsettin

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Semsettin Birkandan
Semsettin Birkandan.jpg
Pin: Diamond (2007)
Markets: Germany

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Nusshold, Hans & Eva
Int. Upline: Sala, Mitch & Deidre


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Diamond 2007

Success Story

When you hear this set of Semsettin Birkandan, believes he is real. And just this attitude was necessary to build after some initial skepticism in the northern state of big business, which today extends to Denmark and Germany and Turkey.

First, studying the current father of two political science, to seek his uncle, the diplomatic career. Parallel to his studies, he had his own fast food. There, in 1988 proclaimed his uncle: "I would rather run a restaurant than to once again become a diplomat. Do you prefer to own. "Semsettin then broke from his studies and focused on his independence. In 1991, he then bought the fitness center in Kiel, where he had started with 12 years in the children's karate group and earned a black belt with 17. Initially, the fitness center flourished, until more and more gym chains have been opened, which could not compete with his studio. When he was in 1996 a friend from Istanbul to the Amway business carefully made, he was not immediately impressed, because he considered it a "Tingeltangelgeschäft. Nevertheless, he took the invitation to an event in Mannheim and got to know Hans Nusshold and Mitch Sala, his future upline from Australia, which impressed him deeply. Another upline came especially for the first three months from Australia to Germany to Semsettin at the start of his business support. After initial success and the achievement of the 9% level, however, was a frustration phase, in which he thought about quitting. But exactly at this time, he received a call from Mitch Sala, who motivated him again and he went on. Today, he is very successful and speaks not only in northern Germany, but also in Europe at seminars. His thanks for the great support on the way to his success is his international upline Deirdre and Mitch Sala and his national upline Eva and Hans Nusshold.

"Unconventional success"

Semsettin works without e-mail, Internet, PC and timer. His photographic memory for names, dates and important things is incredible. Very important information by e-Amway runs his brother Murat, who himself is platinum, then in printed form at Semsettin. He does everything in person, by SMS and on the phone. He also has no fixed office - the cafes and restaurants in Kiel are his workplace - there he meets with his business partners and interested parties in order to show the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan, or to discuss business matters.

Like most southerners is also Semsettin the family life center and so he enjoys it, he can now spend more time with his two children, Ayla (16 years) and Kemal (14 years). Because even if he occasionally has a long working day, workers in recent years has decreased to a few hours. Ayla and Kemal already know the business very well - Kemal would later also build an Amway business itself.

Semsettin benefited not only from the extra time with his children, but also on personal development, has passed through it. For he says of himself, to be now much more sociable and more balanced, but also much-loving. And so he finds it hard not to live the principle of "leading by example." "Anyone can do it, if the necessary commitment exists and the ambition is big enough," he says. And so it is not surprising that Semsettin has not yet reached the end of the career ladder, but already determined terms of its next targets.