European Diamond Advisory Council 2006

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The members of the European Diamond Advisory Council, from its inception:
front row: Janos and Rachel Demeter (Executive Diamond, Hungary), Alois Szuchar & Sissy Petra (Diamond, Hungary), Renate Backhaus (Crown Ambassador, Germany), Otto & Rosemarie Steiner-Lang (Double Diamond, Switzerland), Alexander Dobler (Triple Diamond, Germany), Miguel Aguado (Double Diamond, Spain), Eva and Peter Müller-Meerkatz (Founders Crown Ambassador 40, Germany)
middle row:
back row:
, Ingrid and Rolf Bross (Executive Diamonds, Germany), Andreas Fellnhofer (Diamond, Poland), Greta and Pat and Gregory (Diamonds, UK), and Claudia and Paul Hague (Triple Diamonds, Austria), Ron Hale (Executive Diamond, Germany), Zbigniew Kalinowski (Executive Diamond, Poland), Trevor Lowe (Double Diamond, UK), , , Hella and Dieter Pohlmann (Triple Diamonds, Germany), Franz Rosman (Executive Diamond, Austria), Rudolf Schaaf (Triple Diamond, Germany), , Peter Schmiedel (Executive Diamond, Germany), Max Schwarz (founder of Crown Ambassador, Germany) and Mona May,
Maria Schleipfer* (Founders Crown Ambassador, Germany), Eva and Hans Nusshold * (Crown Ambassadors, Austria)
* Not pictured

The first European Diamond Advisory Council was held in London in spring of 2000.

2006 EDAC Members