Schleipfer, Maria & Steiner, Willi

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Maria Schleipfer & Willi Steiner
Pin: Founders Crown Ambassador
Markets: Germany, Austria

Schwarz Organisation

LOS Upline: Weibl, Hans & Olga

European Diamond Advisory Council


Some of Schleipfers frontline Diamonds are:

Kirner, Fanny & Manuela, 2004 Triple Diamond
Kropf, Gerhard & Marianne, Founders Diamond


God may give me the power to change the things that I can change, the calmness to accept the things that I can not change and the wisdom to distinguish between the one and the other. (Oettinger)

Being a widow I was forced to take care of the household and the home of my 4 children by myself. After having been a customer of Amway for half a year I decided to become IBO and the primary reason was to earn an extra 400 DM in order to finance our small car. But I realized very soon, that I can reach much more with Amway through constant work and that I can make a real livelihood with it. I realized that I can not only hold our house that we built ourselves and the financing of which was called into question, but also improve our living standard. Above that it became more and more important to me to lead other people to a new much better quality of life with the help of the business.

Amway is the fluke in our life. Today we are financially free and independent and can do our work and live the way we want to. In former times I was used to go to bed not until 1 and 2 o’clock in the morning. The same operational readiness was surely also the decisive factor for my success as Crown Ambassador in the Amway business. A short time ago we just built a marvellous house with swimming pool and we enjoy every day in our life. Above that Amway rewards our efforts with wonderful travels.

We long know that our business is the best social plan of the world; we are proud of having shown it to many many people and of having hedged them against economy problems and unemployment. Our business belongs to the most valuable objects in our life and we will always be supporting our partners and our children with our experiences. We can be so happy as we see a tremendous growth and many successful IBOs to come. We wish all of them this independence and joy.