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Norman & Glenda Leonard
Leonard, Norman & Glenda.JPG
Pin: Double Diamond (1996)
Markets: Australia

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Nuyten, John & Gill / Dornan, Jim & Nancy
Website: http://www.network21.com.au


January 1981


Ruby 1985

Diamond 1989

Executive Diamond 1993

Double Diamond 1996

Front line Diamond

Success Story

Graham and Glenda Sharp started with Amway in January 1981 and built their business to at least the Ruby level (according to the March 1985 Aust. Amagram). In the mid 1980s they divorced and Glenda built to the Diamond level in 1989 by herself. After marrying Norman Leonard the business was built to Executive Diamond, qualifying in 1993 then Double Diamond in 1996. Their Australian downline includes Triple Diamond Angie Somers and Crown Ambassadors Peter & Debbie Cox. The Leonards divorced in 2007, with Glenda assuming responsibility for their Amway business, however Norman, who is South African, continues to assist in international operations.

Norman and Glenda enjoy amazing lives due to this business. They are grateful for the freedom of choice this has given them and often reflect on how different their lives would have been, had they not built this business ... Norman was born in South Africa, trained as an engineer and travelled extensively before settling in Australia. Finding himself dissatisfied with the restrictions and uncertainties of corporate life, he was looking for options. He says, "this business gave me permission to dream again."

Glenda worked in the world of fashion, art and travel. She recalls that she was one of those people who desperately wanted their lives to be different, but are reluctant to change anything. It was listening to educational CDs and attending a few functions that allowed Glenda to see the time and money freedom of networking. When people have a reason, and are willing to learn and take action from the success principles taught through Network TwentyOne and the business, they can change their lives. Learning to and then actually "walking the talk" is what success is all about. The awesome example, leadership and teaching of their sponsors, Jim & Nancy Dornan, have always inspired Norman and Glenda to achieve.

Today, life is all about freedom ... the choice of enjoying the beaches, going to the gym, travelling to exotic locations, enjoying special time with family members and friends. "It's fun to live our life as we choose, and at the same time be on a continuing quest to find people, who are looking to change their destiny, and to help them build their own business so they too can live their dreams to!"

The millionaire and the beggar have the same hours in a day, its how they use these hours that will make a difference to their fortune.