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Ravi & Ila Jain
Ravi Jain.jpg
Pin: Founders Diamond
Markets: India

Winners International, Achievers Club

LOS Upline: Vijay Prakash & Madhvi Gupta
Website: www.achieversclub.in

Termination from Amway

Now Terminated from Amway

Success Story

from Amway India Amagram - November 2007

Before joining the Amway business, I was working as a consultant, but did not have time for myself and my family. I did not have a sense of achievement. After joining the Amway business, my life has totally changed. My wife Ila is a beautician. We are both building this business full time. Now we are able to spend a lot of time together and are living a tension free life.

We express our gratitude to our Uplines, Downlines, colleagues and management of Amway India for their wholesome cooperation extended to us at the time of building Amway business. During the last five and half years we have made tremendous progress practically in all the fields of our activities. From the distributorship drive to the magnitude of our SEWA and SANSKAR as project that have gained immense popularity in India and abroad, Amway India has established itself in every nook and corner of the country. It is now a name to reckon with. It was possible only due to the sincere support and strong partnership. An organization based on the principles of "SEWA and SANSKAR" endeavors for wholehearted dedication from every single active distributor leader. I reject the traditional parameters of status, ranks and recognition from any organization and instead I look at it exclusively from the viewpoint of substantive accomplishment. I want to be known for my personal integrity, honesty, high standard of conduct and ability to be totally professional with utmost dedication in all my actions and decisions effecting my organization together with the ability to change and acclimatize in fast changing environment. Whatever I undertake, I always stay focused on honesty of purpose, goal orientation, high degree of self control and discipline, resource management and attention to detail. "The future enters in to us, in order to transform itself in us. Long before it happens. Each of us can design a life, an extraordinary life. but We see our worries and concerns from a completely different light so that they no longer diminish our effectiveness, but actually motivate us to achieve our goals. With this clarity comes in a new power and velocity in producing specific, measurable results. We have achieved a marked improvement in the quality of our lives. The most important determinant of our success is how we function in the present, of who we are, is not the past but the future. When we are able to leave our past in the past and stand in the future, the possibilities for every aspect of our life multiply exponentially. but

Downline Diamond

Having 3 Diamond Legs: