Ghabrial, Amgad & Melissa

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Amgad & Melissa Ghabrial
Pin: Double Diamond
Markets: Australia

Network TwentyOne (N21)

LOS Upline: Cox, Peter & Debbie

Amgad Ghabrial was born in England to Egyptian parents. His family later moved to Australia, where he trained as a dentist. Together with his wife Melissa, Amgad joined Amway in Australia in June 1988 and they were the first partners of Crown Ambassadors Peter & Debbie Cox. They grew quickly and qualified Platinum in 1989. They hit the Ruby level in 1990 and Emerald in 1992. They qualified Diamond in 1996; EDC in 2005; Founders Diamond in 2006; Founders Executive Diamond in 2007; and Double Diamond in 2008. Their business has expanded into approximately 10 foreign countries. They live in New South Wales with a daughter (born 1994) and son (born 1996).

After building his Amway business, Amgad Ghabrial retired from dentistry at the age of 31.

Gad & Melissa Ghabrial Australia

Gad was a dentist and Melissa was a travel consultant. They started the business because they didn’t want to miss out and simply thought - “What if it works?” With an awesome pedigree of upline, they attest much of their success to the influence and association they have gained from all these great leaders throughout their journey. Today, they have countless downline Emeralds and Diamonds worldwide and are highly sought after as international speakers. From the birth of Brittany, now 13, and Jake now 11, they have had the privilege of being full time parents, which is something they definitely do not take for granted. They may enjoy extensive travel, drive luxury cars, live in an amazing waterfront home with a jetski and boat but being totally free and in control of their lives is their ultimate prize. “We love our life and by God’s grace we can have a positive influence in other people’s lives. It doesn’t get any better than that!” Gad and Melissa are truly passionate about what they do and quip, “With Jim and Nancy at the helm leading us all, the future has never looked better. Eighteen years on and we feel like we are just beginning.”

Downline Diamond