Dela Cruz, Roberto & Alma

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Roberto & Alma Dela Cruz
Roberto & Alma Dela Cruz.jpg
Pin: Executive Diamond-2009
Markets: Philippines

Network TwentyOne (N21)

LOS Upline: Ghabrial, Amgad & Melissa

Bobby and Amy are accountants by profession. Bobby devoted most of his working years as Citbank's Vice-President for Branch Operations. He has been working for Citibank for 26 years until he retired in December 1998 at the age of 48 years old.

Their daughters and son are also doing the business, and the whole family has caught the vision and power of what this business opportunity can accomplish to improve people's lives.

His goal was to retire early rich and "pogi" (handsome) while Alma wanted more time for the family. They are now doing "apostolic" work (having more time to their grand-sons and grand-daughters). Their businesses reach as far as Europe, North America, Asia and Asia-Pacific. They have the biggest business of Amway-Network21 in the Philippines right now.

Their diamond downlines includes:

Downline Diamond