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Jack & Rita Daughery
Jack and Rita Daughery.jpg
Pin: Double Diamond (1995)
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Puryear, Ron & Georgie Lee
Website: http://www.ildglobalvision.com




Success story

The Daughery's are Double Diamonds and were leaders of the ILD system until Jack stepped down and handed control to David Humphrey. They joined Amway under Ron Puryear in 1973 and qualified Double Diamond in 1995. They were once affiliated with the WWDB system before they broke off to form their own support organisation.

Downline Diamonds


Success Story

from ILD profiles of success, 2000

When the Daughery’s first saw this business plan, they had no idea what a tremendous future it would lead to. They only saw a chance to possibly get ahead of their bills. At one time, Jack managed a fresh produce warehouse, while Rita worked as a beautician. “We were both used to hard work,”says Jack, “but through this business we have also done a lot of personal growth.” Before we started our business, our daughter, Janet, knew the baby-sitter better than us. Now we’re both working our business full time, so we can enjoy our family and help others obtain their goals. “I have also seen my husband develop into a dynamic leader and a wonderful man.”comments Rita.

As Double Diamonds, the Daughery’s lifestyle has improved dramatically. They, and their three German Shepards presently live in Spokane, Washington, in a 9,000 Square foot Home with “all the built-in comforts”on a seven acre estate. Their home includes personal offices and a large conference room used to run their successful global business enterprise.

Jack and Rita enjoy driving the cars of their choice and love travelling in their 45 foot Featherlite bus. They always have the next vacation destination in mind. Jack also owns three Harley-Davidson motor-cycles that he carries in a custom trailer behind his bus. Jack leads a yearly motorcycle event where as many as 50 men spend time touring selected routes and sharing experiences. “Our business has enabled us to do what we want, when we want, where we want. This is truly the best way of life!”