Mansson, Ulf & Elisabeth

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Ulf & Elisabet Månsson
Ulf elisabet mannson.jpg
Pin: Double Diamond (2006)
Markets: Sweden, Scandinavia

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Tony & Mary Henderson
Notes:Scandinavia's first Diamonds, first Executive Diamonds, first Double Diamonds




Success Story (English)

After seeing the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan in New Zealand in the early 1990s, Ulf and Elisabeth knew they had found a tool to create a bright future. Knowing the potential of the business opportunity, they had high expectations. They were not disappointed, reaching Diamond level in two years, Executive Diamond in three and a half years and Double Diamond in seven years. Five of their six children have registered businesses and their sixth child, who turns 18 soon, also plans to start an Amway business. They now have their ideal lifestyle, far from their stressful former jobs as a dentist and primary school teacher. “Helping people in their downline to reach their goals is not a job, it's a privilege”, they say.

Ulf & Elisbeth have retired from actively building Amway and spend most of their time in New Zealand.