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Brad & Leslie Wolgamott
Pin: Double Diamond (1999)
Markets: United States, Canada


LOS Upline: Brad & Julie Duncan
Website: http://wolgamott.wwdb.biz






Brad and Leslie Wolgamott are Double Diamonds based in Washington. While the divorce rate among 4,000 pins and above is said to be less that 1%, Brad and Leslie decide to end their marriage relationship several years ago. Leslie continues to grow lead the business as a member of World Wide Dream Builders and Brad has since left WWDB and started his own training organization. Since Brad's departure Leslie has transitioned to WWDB Management Team and has had an explosive impact in Canada leading several recent business builders to the Platinum, Ruby, Emerald and even Diamond levels.

Brad and Leslie were originally sponsored into Amway and quit when their sponsors decided to go outside of the WWDB leadership. A few years later, Brad Duncan met Brad Wolgamott at a gas station and got his number. Over a coffee meeting, Brad Duncan said Brad Wolgamott was not cut out for this business and he was not qualified to do it. According to Wolgamott, this challenged him to prove that he could do it and he went on to Double Diamond. Brad and Leslie qualified Diamond in 1992, Executive Diamond in 1997, and Double Diamond in 1999.

The Wolgamotts went on to contract with Quixtar.com and transitioned their membership base to the World Wide Web in 1999. This drastic change forced them to study trends and engage in a fully new industry with new opportunities and companies. Now respected around the world for his passion in and outside business, Brad is a sought after speaker and adviser.


Corporate recruiter/airline pricing analyst


Seattle, Washington


Brad Wolgamott built a baseball field for his son's baseball team, The Shockers, to participate in their league. They invite groups of inner-city and at-risk kids, along with athletic teams and church youth groups, to play on their private "Field of Dreams."Brad and Leslie are annual donors to the Ronald McDonald House and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Through their business and the Northwest Dream Team, an organization they started nine years ago, the Wolgamotts give money to local organizations helping at-risk youths. They also travel to foreign countries including the Philippines where they give money to struggling villages and orphanages. One of their biggest passions is buying medical supplies for these people. (Source: Seattle Times Article)

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