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Dean & Marcie Whalen are the latest Diamonds to come from the WWDB system since Tracey and Kimberly Eaton went Diamond in 2006. They are sponsored by Emeralds Mike and Brandie Wagner. While it is not known exactly how many leaders this couple has developed at the higher level pins, it is said to be very significant. Some reports indicate the Whalen's have over 200 eagle qualifiers (a WWDB parameter) and over 2000 IBO's within their organization. Dean was a high level basketball player and Marcie was also a basketball player. They became IBO's in 2006 after witnessing "what winning looked like" when they attended Free Enterprise Day 2006 as guests and saw Tracey and Kimberly Eaton go Diamond. The Whalen's business is so fundamentally sound that they achieved the founders Diamond level before being officially recognized as new Diamonds. It has been reported that all of their Platinum legs achieve the Platinum status each month by the 5th of the month. Dean and Marcie are credited with adopting the WWDB system and adapting it into a structure that disallows more IBO candidates than it endorses based on a process they developed as a sort of "weeding out" of the get-rich-quickers. Dean has said from a WWDB stage that most people who quit the business opportunity do so not because the opportunity is a "Pyramid" but rather because it is not a "pyramid". Dean has stated that most people who are not qualified to be endorsed into the opportunity but become IBO's anyway are essentially set up for failure, not because of the opportunity itself, but rather because of the thought process that the new IBO filters information through is an employee filter rather than that of a business owner.

From the incrediable example they set of having a value to be debt free. In 2015 their organization was said to have paid off collectively $50 million plus of debt.