Eaton, Tracey & Kimberly

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Tracey & Kimberly Eaton
Pin: Founders Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Wolgamott, Brad & Leslie

Tracey Eaton is an ex-NFL football player for the Atlanta Falcons. Tracey's wife is Kimberly who worked with him with in his stock brokerage business. Tracey and Kimberly are both retired from their jobs to be full time parents to their children. Tracey was introduced to the business by Brad Wolgamott. They qualified Q-12 in 2002, Sapphire and Emerald in 2003/04, Founders Emerald in 2005, and Diamond in 2006. Tracey and Kimberly Eaton have been described as the new era of business development leaders in the network marketing industry. Their style of leadership comes primarily from their athletic backgrounds. Their brand is one of relentless pursuit of excellence. While they have described themselves as grinders they also admit that the culture of the business opportunity was different when they achieved Diamond qualification than it is today. Through the mentorship of Brad & Julie Duncan and Leslie Wolgamott the Eatons have adopted the "new era" mentality that was developed by Dean and Marci Whalen. Tracey and Kimberly are said to be some of the most authentic and humble Diamonds in the world of Amway. They feel that the Amway business opportunity is the greatest opportunity that has ever been developed but that not everyone is qualified to build a business due to their life stance. Tracey and Kimberly have 8 platinum legs with Ruby side volume.

The Eaton's were WWDB Taste of Diamond winners in 2005.

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