Nemeth, Irenke

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Irenke Nemethne
Pin: Double Diamond (2015)
Markets: Slovakia, Hungary

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Vagyi, James

with diacritics: Németh László & Irén




Downline Diamond


Irénke and her husband Laszlo were school teachers in Eastern Hungary, when they first encountered the Amway business. They were totally inactive for 18 months then decided to pursue the opportunity and 4 months later were 21%.

They qualified Emerald in 1995, Founders Emerald in 2003, and Diamond in 2005.

Their eldest son Laszlo junior is a Founders Platinum.

In June 2006 doctors detected serious cancer in László's body. Doctors said that he had maximum one week left of his life, however Laszló remained positive, and started to fight against the disease. He managed to defy the doctor's predictions for five more months. Laszlo passed away in October 2006, two weeks after his father. He is survived by his wife and 2 sons.

Their organization now grows in the memory of their fabulous leader.

László & Irénke qualified at Founders Diamond in August 2006.

Irénke qualified Executive Diamond in August 2008.