Demkura, Taras & Irina

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Demkura, Taras & Irina
Pin: Crown Ambassador (2008)
Markets: Ukraine

Network TwentyOne (N21)

LOS Upline: Kharatin, Igor & Valeria




Triple Diamond 2009

Success Story

Taras and Iryna Demkura were both schoolteachers when they first encountered the Amway business. They are confident that they have found a reliable company with whom they can develop their business, and that Amway provides permanent support in their business development. The couple thank their upline and leaders for giving them the opportunity to use their combined years of experience as professionals to help them develop their own leadership qualities. The life credo of the Demkura family is to organise a business in such a way as to have freedom, achieve financial goals, and explore an opportunity to help many people to become happier, more financially secure and realise their dreams.