Arkhipova, Vira & Mautanov, Oleksiy

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Arkhipova, Vira & Mautanov, Oleksiy
Pin: Founders Crown Ambassador (2008)
Markets: Ukraine

Network TwentyOne (N21)

LOS Upline: Bujwiccy, Izabela & Marek
Notes:also Triple Diamond in Russia



Vera and Alexei made a very important choice in their life. They chose the way to freedom and prosperity, and are eager to help other families and children all over the world. Was it hard? Yes, sometimes very hard! At times they had to leave their children at home when they travelled to other cities to build their business there. But they strongly believed that the day would come when they would be always together – travelling and enjoying the happy family life which they now live. Vera and Alexei, along with their huge team of Diamonds and Emeralds, show by their example a way to a better life for millions of people. Thanks to Amway, they have the opportunity to travel around the world.