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Renate Backhaus
Pin: Crown Ambassador (1991)
Markets: Germany, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Turkey, Austria, United States.

World Wide Diamonds

LOS Upline: Christa Ferber
Notes:From Pearl to Crown Ambassador in one Amway fiscal year - world record!

European Diamond Advisory Council


April 1983




Renate Backhaus (Jg.57) since April 10, 1983rd

Despite medical degree they exercise their profession, but rather operates its network in October 1990 full-time.

Renate Backhaus took a very long time to reach their platinum (August 1989), but then it was "blow by blow. It was the fourth German crown ambassador. They did their motto: "What others can reach, I can achieve."

Today she not only has a large network in Germany but also in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Austria, Russia and United States.

She enjoys her two children Stephanie (Jg.87) and Robin (Jg.89), to accompany her swimming events. With great ambition both pursue their goal, even at the Olympic Games to be there. The Amway business has shown you that you must fight for success, which is reflected in their results.