Ying, Lam

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Lam Ying
Lam Ying.jpg
Pin: Diamond (2008)
Markets: Hong Kong


LOS Upline: Wingi Liu

Lam Ying claims herself to be a University student. She and her upline Wingi Liu became a diamond at 24.

essica's parent taught her to work hard and be responsible for her own life since she was little. Therefore, she will never let go of any opportunity which allows her to bring her talent into full play.

The economy was at a downturn during SARS and it was hard for university graduates to find a job. Jessica then decided to start developing the Amway business and has established another income source before graduation. Her parents used to worry that her academic results would be affected by Amway but she managed to assuage their fears through her actions - her academic results were improved, she gained a steady income and became more mature and confident.

At university, Jessica brought the business into the academy. Amway was the best platform for her to put the business knowledge she learned from her lectures into practice. After graduation, she decided to develop the Amway business on a full-time basis because of its huge potential. Through Amway, Jessica has established her own business and gained a brilliant life.