Liu, Wingi

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Wingi Liu
Liu Wing Chi Gigi.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: Hong Kong


LOS Upline: Li Yat-hong & Ling-por

Wingi claims herself to be a University student. Being the Queen of Logistics, she and her downline Ying, Lam became a diamond at 24.

Wingi Liu is an extrovert girl who is enthusiastic and proactive about her life and work. She became a sports lover while in secondary school and her involvement in sports competitions helped to build her self-confidence and leadership skills, which were later further enhanced through Amway.

First attracted to Amway by its range of beauty products, Wingi joined Amway when she was 18 without any clear goals at the very beginning. She always faced challenges while introducing the Amway business to young people, but when she found herself being influenced by Amway's culture, she decided to devote herself to Amway.

In just six years, Wingi has earned herself a team, a business, a stable income and a wonderful life. Through the Amway products and business, her health and living standard are uplifted. She hopes to share her experience with her friends, helping them to achieve a better life through Amway.