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Database error

Does anybody helps to see what's the problem? The Foo's page suddently shows "database error". Hope admin or any person who are know how to fix it can help us to fix it as soon as possible. Thank you.User talk:Tayks88

FCA 50 (55)???

Foo Howe Kean was recognized on the stage among the FAA qualifiers. If you watch the video closely, you will notice that the FAA qualifiers were recognized in the following order:

1. Kang Hyeon Sook & Ryu In Ik (40 FAA)
2. Leonard & Esther Kim (40 FAA)
3. Bill & Peggy Britt (40 FAA)
4. Mark & Peggy Lei (40 FAA)
5. Han Shi Rong (40 FAA)
6. Jim & Nancy Dornan (45 FAA)
7. Zhou Fan Yang and Zheng Xin Qing (45 FAA)
8. Kaoru Nakajima (50 FAA)
9. Müller-Meerkatz, Peter & Eva (50 FAA)
10. Foo Howe Kean & Shu Chen (? FAA)
11. Sunny Hsu & Debra Hsieh (55 FAA)
12. Dexter & Birdie Yager (60 FAA)
13. Max Schwarz & Mona May (60 FAA)
14. Holly Chen & Barry Chi (60 FAA)

I've got one question: Regarding the order in which the qualifiers were recognized, does it mean that Foo Howe Kean qualified for 50 or 55 FAA points?

Thanks for the answers.--SP75 14:31, 29 May 2009 (UTC)

As i know before, Foo qualified for FAA45 many years ago in Taiwan, but Mr Foo refuse for any recognition and don't wanna be recognize. As the video show, i think he is qualified for FAA50--Lee sy85 03:23, 1 June 2009 (UTC)

Just get confirm from the material of Amway50, Foo is confirmed to be FAA55 Founders Crown Ambassador.--Lee sy85 09:57, 4 June 2009 (UTC)

Could you please upload the material where this information came from to AmwayWiki? Also, are you sure he has achieved 55 FAA points in Taiwan and not in Malaysia or in China? If it was in his 2nd business (Taiwan), what levels he achieved in Malaysia and China?
first, he is not invite by AMWAY MALAYSIA to Founders Council Meeting. Second, as the materials showed, there were a title as China FAA45 or China Founders Council Members or China FAA30. But there was no any China FAA55 in the material. It only stated that Founders Crown Ambassador FAA 55. He is Founders Crown Ambassador in Malaysia, this is official announced by General Manager of Amway Malaysia in National Convention. He is also Founders Crown Ambassador in China which announced by Eva, the vice president of Amway Global in the 30th anniversary of Crador Global in Kuala Lumpur Oct 08. During that time, Eva also announced that Mr Foo also achieve Founders Double Diamond in Thailand. I would like to upload the material but my diamond refuse to let me photocopy. Actually is a note book that given by Amway to every Diamond that attend Global Diamond Forum --Lee sy85 10:25, 5 June 2009 (UTC)
Regarding Malaysia: It seems strange to me that a Founders Crown Ambassador wouldn't be invited to a Founders Council Meeting. On the other hand, why should he be invited by 3 separate affiliates? One invitation should be enough for him... (at least it would be enough for me if I were in his shoes) :-))) As a Founders Crown Ambassador he has to have at least 20 FAA points - the minimum required for an invitation to Founders Council. So my assumption is that the reason why Mr. Foo is not invited to a Founders Council by Amway Malaysia, is simply because he has already been invited by another affiliate. That would also mean, that he may have qualified for 55 FAA points in Malaysia, not in Taiwan. I am not saying he couldn't have qualified for that level in Taiwan, I just think that the only thing we now know for sure is that he has not qualified for 55 FAA in China (otherwise he would be listed in your Diamond's material as China FAA55).--SP75 12:47, 5 June 2009 (UTC)
Yes, i totally agree what u said. This is the things that i missing out. Mr Foo told us in a meeting before, he been invited by Amway to ALS more than 10 times per year! So there is a question now, where he qualified for FAA 55--Lee sy85 17:51, 5 June 2009 (UTC)

Founders Crown Ambassador (resolved)

Not sure if he went Founders Crown Ambassador. Some people say so, but no Amagram recognition is available. Also, no Founders Crown Ambassador recognition meeting was announced for Mr. Foo at However, on the occasion of Amway National Convention which took place in June 2006, a banner announced him as a Founders Crown Ambassador (see the banner below; you may have to wait a few seconds for a picture of Foo Howe Kean as it is animated gif). Banner-my en US.gif

Regarding his business in China: the last verified info comes from 2001 when he went Triple Diamond in China. Is there any evidence he went Crown Ambassador there? Also, what happened to his Chinese business after the ban was put on MLM? I know, for example, that Sunny Su & Debra Hsu Hsieh went Crown Ambassador in Taiwan and 50 FAA Founders Crown Ambassador in China, but in a recent issue of Hongkong Amagram they were listed as Crown Ambassadors in Taiwan only. Not a word about their Chinese business. Does this mean that these businesses in China no longer exist? November 2006 issue of Hongkong Amagram says Foo is Crown Ambassador in Malaysia and Taiwan. Again, not a word about his business in China, nor is he mentioned as Founders Crown Ambassador.

Does anybody know the answers?--SP75

I wouldn't be surprised if the chinese market was a little, shall we say, self-censored to protect the (highly successful) innocent :-) I guess the issues with Mr Foo is where he qualified FCA? A banner on an amway site would seem to be pretty good evidence! --IBOFightback 13:43, 2 November 2007 (CDT)
UPDATE: In this video Rich DeVos is saying that Foo has qualified in three different countries. Providing that the info on is correct (which I suppose is), the third country is China. Now, my guess is that Foo has qualified as Founders Crown Ambassador in Malaysia, but I don't know why there was no Founders Crown Ambassador recognition meeting. Maybe it will be held soon.--SP75
Lol! Was just watching that video myself! :-) And noted the same thing. (ps don't forget to sign!)--IBOFightback 16:14, 18 November 2007 (CST)
for ur info, after the ban of china market, many of the leaders' business went down, but after that may of the leaders rebuild the business. So for Foo Howe Kean, he rebuild the business afterward, and went crown ambassador, but due to the special circumstance of china market, the title of all level of amway were banned and change to another name. like platinum they call executive, emerald named manager, diamond called excellent distributors. double diamond call double excellent distributors. crown ambassador named fivefold excellent distributors. Recently, Amway china get the direct sales license in china, then all the level were been changed. emerald still remain as manager, but then excutive diamond & above was unify and call 总监(i don't really know how to translate to english, but according to dictionary, 总监 means majordomo, but in China 总监 is equal to CEO). For the HK amagram, due to the sensitive of the China market, they can't obviously mentioned the title of Foo in China market. But this are all recorded in Amway HQ, Ada. And 1 thing, Foo is very low profile and even refuse for Crown Ambassador recognition in Malaysia and China, so the recognition was done in Taiwan only. --Lee sy85 09:54, 5 July 2008 (UTC)

Can anyone add in the los map above founders platinum of Mr Foo network? Feel so weird why someone remove it..