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Not quite sure about updating the list here, it's a list of folk at the first EDAC and their pins at that time. What would be better is an updated EDAC members list! --IBOFightback 18:33, 12 December 2007 (CST)

Here is a picture of people in European Diamond Advisory Council 2007 Edac.jpg You must help me with identification. Because I don't find a list of names.

front row: Senior Vice President Amway Europe Marc Beiderwieden, Crown Alexander Dobler (D), Double Diamond Otto Steiner-Lang (CH), Triple Diamond Manuela Kirner (D), Founders Crown Ambassador Nathalia Yana (UA), Crown Anja Schwarz (A), Founders Crown Ambassador Maria Schleipfer (D), Founders Crown Ambassador 50 FAA Eva Muller-Meerkatz (D), EDC Franz Rosmann (A), Double Diamond Miguel Aguado (E) and behind Double Diamond Mansson Ulf (S).

middle row: Founders Crown Ambassador Oleksiy Mautanov (UA), Founders Executive Diamond Janos Demeter (Hungary), EDC Merih Bölükbaşi (Turk), EDC Rolf Bross (D), one european Amway Manager, Founders Emerald Rek Zbigniew (PL) also EDC in USA, Triple Diamond Paul Haag (Austria), Triple Diamond Mark Kaplun (RU), Founders EDC Alois Szuchar (HU).

back row: EDC Peter Schmiedel (D), two european Amway Manager, Vice President European Sales Peter Strydom, Triple Diamond Pohlmann Dieter (D), five european Amway Manager, one east european Amway Manager.

Good job MasterMind! Don't forget to sign your comments on talk ---> --IBOFightback 19:55, 29 July 2009 (UTC)

MasterMind, please continue a main Page EDAC. You are probably better in english. This photo can find in all european amagrams october 07. If you like it add with better quality.--Dusyk 11:32, 30 July 2009 (UTC)