Scilipoti, Paolo & Pauline

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Paolo and Pauline Scilipoti
Pin: Diamond (2007)
Markets: South Africa

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Harris, Basil & Leonie

Success Story

"When we first saw this business we weren't attracted to the process, but the business opportunity made sense and we knew it could help us achieve our goals and dreams. We have since fallen in love with the process and all there is to it." - Paolo and Pauline Scilipoti.

When Paolo and Pauline were offered the opportunity to join this business they were involved in their own factory, manufacturing shoe components. It had been many, many years of hard work with no freedom to do the things that really mattered to them. The Amway business presented a way of realising their dream, to spend more time with their family and with each other. When they met Basil and Leonie Harris, Diamonds from Australia, they began to believe that they could build the business and achieve a life of significance and freedom. On 19 August 1997, the same day on which Amway South Africa opened, they joined the Amway family and with the support of Basil and Leonie they started to build their Amway business.

As a result of determination, focus and hard work, Paolo and Pauline went Emerald within 21 months. Going Diamond was never an option for them, it was a passionate desire. They felt a huge responsibility to their group, their upline and their family; they had made a promise to their children that they would be Diamonds and they were not prepared to go back on that promise. The road from Emerald to Diamond was not a smooth one and there were many bumps along the way. Incidents happened that could have derailed them, but their integrity and dream and their promise to their family would not allow them to give up on their dream of becoming Diamonds. In June 2005 they made the non-negotiable decision to be Diamonds by August 2007.

Paolo and Pauline streamlined their lives and, although there were many obstacles, with absolute focus and determination they achieved their goal by June 2007, with two months in hand!

Upon meeting this couple one can see that they are not merely a couple who have the recipe for success, but a couple who is living proof of the tenacity and commitment it takes to succeed. They are blessed to have a widely diverse group of people in their downline, people who have been loyal and driven, trusting Paolo and Pauline every step of the way.

They know that these 10 years it took to get to Diamond are only the beginning …