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Basil and Leonie Harris
Basil & Leonie Harris.jpg
Pin: Executive Diamond South Africa (2010) / Diamond Australia (1986)
Markets: Australia, South Africa

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Nuyten, John & Gill / Dornan, Jim & Nancy

Former South Africans Basil & Leonie Harris started their Amway business in June 1981 shortly after arriving in Australia. After going Diamond in 1986 (5 years) they purchased the remnants of John & Gill Nuyten's business (along with Crown Ambassadors Jim & Nancy Dornan). They live in New South Wales, Australia. In 2005 they qualified as Diamonds in South Africa.[1] The following year their son Kevin and his wife Tamsine-Lee also qualified as Diamonds in South Africa. In 2010, They also went Executive Diamond in SA, in the same year, their son went Executive Diamonds in SA.

Success Story (South Africa)

Lifestyle is Everything

"The greatest good we can do for others is not to share our riches with them, but to reveal theirs to them."

Basil and Leonie Harris have a special lifestyle travelling the world, extending one of the greatest business opportunities to people in every walk of life and winning hearts and minds, globally. One is lucky to get an hour of Basil Harris' time. A popular and busy man, he also isn't very media friendly and prefers to spend time with family and friends making sure that everyone else is coping and creating a successful business and lifestyle for themselves.

As South Africans in Australia and 'Australians' in South Africa, Basil and Leonie are at home anywhere in the world, that is when they are together, when apart from each other, globe trotting loses most of its charm. Less charming even is being away from the light of their lives, 9-month old Macklin, the Harris' first grandchild. And the only time that they might lose their zest for life is when they are far away from their children, Kevin and Tamsine, (Diamonds in the making) and Joanne and Ole, mother and father of Macklin. Daughter Joanne loves spoiling her first born and she is getting serious competition from the grandparents: Leonie's beloved shopping sprees now mostly include international baby fashion outlets!

Basil and Leonie are living their dream. After they moved to Sydney in the early 80's, they held on to the dream of bringing the business back to South Africa, and this vision became the wind beneath their wings, as they grew businesses from London to Sydney, from Singapore to New York, and throughout Australia and South Africa. Leonie's heart and soul is in the business and she loves to spend quality time with the ones closest to her heart: her husband, children and grandchild. She has used the business as an opportunity to reach out to those around her and also to help others to bring about change in their lives, economically as well as the freedom to create a family life and a quality lifestyle.

Basil is a trained accountant, and for him not going Diamond has never been an option. One of the most invigorating elements of his business and lifestyle is the fact that it is based on his desire to share success and knowledge, not taking into account anyone's nationality, educational level or religious orientation. It simply does not matter to him who you are who you can become, inspires him and Leonie to lend unprecedented personal support.

The Harris' simply love life. Leadership is a natural outflow of their personalities and sharing their success is an outflow of who they inherently are. After creating successful businesses around the world, they know the value of dreaming big, working hard and staying focused. Their message? Go Diamond, it's worth it.[1]


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