Samaratunga, Tissa & Maithree

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Tissa & Maithree Samaratunga
Tissa and Maithree.jpg
Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Shah, Raj & Sangita

Tissa and Maithree are originally from Sri Lanka and came to the United States to complete their educations; Tissa earning his PhD in computer engineering, with Maithree majoring in accounting. They were busy college students when they first saw this business plan, and they did not begin to build their business until Tissa was working for a large telecommunications company as a research scientist. 'I got up every day to fight the traffic just to go to work for someone else,' recalls Tissa. 'I was not in control of my own life. When I looked at this business, I got so excited, I could not sleep.' As their business began to grow, 'Our lives changed completely,' says Tissa. He left his full-time job to pursue the business, while Maithree was able to stay at home and care for their son, Irusha. Both Maithree and Tissa also appreciate the fact that they have been able to travel back to their home in Sri Lanka as often as they want. 'If we were stuck in regular jobs, we would not have the flexibility to visit our families as often,' says Tissa. 'I love the time we have to spend together,' says Maithree. She also enjoys working with people who are truly interested in helping one another. 'We don't just talk about helping people, we really do ' whenever they need our help.'

Tissa gets much satisfaction knowing that many of his friends are now involved in the business. 'Because of our success, they have the confidence to start their own businesses,' he says.

The Samaratungas enjoy their home in sunny Texas, where Maithree tends her thriving flower gardens and Tissa can play volleyball all year long! 'We knew we could live our dream-lives through this business,' says Tissa. And' he was right!

Downline Diamonds

Having Brand New Diamond in his group Melukote, Balakrishna & Anitha 2010 from United States, BWW