Jyotiprakash, Rashmi & Smita

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Rashmi & Smita Jyotiprakash
Pin: Executive Diamond (2013)
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Shenoy, Ganesh

Rashmi came to the USA for his master's degree and a better future. Already owning his own business in India, he was always looking for opportunities. Rashmi got contacted for the business through email and had never met with his upline, Ganesh Shenoy, until he got started. He always wanted to run his own company so that he could be his own boss. So, this business was an answer to his prayers. He was excited about the business from the beginning.With a student loan to pay off and not understanding the magnitude of the business, there was a lot of learning and changing to go through in getting Platinum done. Rashmi was already Platinum in the business when he and Smita got married, and Smita joined him in the business. It was a family-arranged marriage, in accordance with Indian culture. Also with a master's degree, Smita had some adjustments to make before starting to build the business full swing with Rashmi. Being retired and going Diamond in their 20's, they are super excited about their future because of this business opportunity. They thank their upline, Ganesh and Neha Shenoy, for all their guidance and mentorship in life and in business. Today, not only are they excited about being able to travel the world, but also about building a worldwide business and bringing a lot of people with them. But most of all, the thing that they cherish the most, is the time they were able to free up for rest of their lives; time to do whatever they choose to do. As Rashmi says, 'We found a group of people to have fun with and to grow old gracefully with!'

From upline EDCs Ganesh & Neha Shenoy: It is not a surprise why Rashmi and Smita have a large growing business at such a young age. They have been an great example, not just to their team, but to the entire Quixtar organization. They have a good work ethic, coupled by a strong dream and desire to move on in business. We are so happy to have met this couple and develop a great friendship with them.