S R Kristiawan & Tjatri Devi

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SR Kristiawan & Tjatri Devi
SRKristiawan Tjatri Devi.jpg
Pin: Executive Diamond - 2007
Markets: Indonesia

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Antonius & Ineke Sutedjo
Website: http://srkristiawan.multiply.com

They started the business in 1993, sponsored by Kristiawan's parents when they were at university in Jogjakarta, Central Java. Mentored by Double Diamonds Paul & Linda Agus they went Emerald in 1994, Diamond 2002, Founders Diamond 2004 and Executive Diamond 2007. They have several Emeralds, 1 EDC and 6 Diamonds in their organization. They married in 1996 and now have 3 children, Bunga, Intan and Bintang. They have never had a job and have been fulltime IBOs since 1995 when Devi finished her University studies as a dentist. Kristiawan did not finish his University studies.

Downline Diamond

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