Agus, Paul & Linda

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Paul & Linda Agus
Pin: Double Diamond
Markets: Indonesia

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Angkasa, Robert & Ranti

Paul had a background as a Computer Consultant and Linda was an Accountant when they started their venture with Amway in Australia in 1991. They were sponsored by Robert Angkasa and built their 21% business very fast, before leaving their comfortable life in Australia and returning to Indonesia to start working with Amway there.

Paul and Linda reached Diamond in 31 months (in 1995) and Double Diamond in July 2003. Today, they have a very large business throughout Indonesia and other countries. Paul and Linda have several Executive Diamond legs and more than 25 Diamonds in their organization. Paul and Linda are known as some of the best teachers in Network 21 Indonesia.

Paul and Linda retired before they were 32-years old and currently live in Jakarta. They have 2 children: Adrian (born in 1992) and Eugene.

Downline Diamond