Rea, Carrol & Norma

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Rea, Carrol & Norma
Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Meadows, Jerry & Cherry

We are so thankful for the business. It completely changed the direction of our life. It gave us hope and something to strive for when everything around us was very negative. The things we learned from the system and our leaders gave us confidence and the feeling of finally winning at something. We’ve certainly enjoyed all the material things, but the memories are so awesome. For example, like quitting our jobs, after a short period of time, and coming home to be a full time family. Like making lifelong friends who have become family. And getting to watch others become successful, partly due to our effort has been important. Also, trying to help people who couldn’t help themselves and helping anyhow. And watching others become more successful than we or they thought they could become has been amazing. Even watching ourselves become more than we ever thought we could be has been great, too. Finally, getting to work at something that actually worked has been rewarding. It’s been an incredible ride and we’re still traveling looking for the next folks we can help. Why not come and join us.

Downline Diamond