Harper, Tommie & Lesia

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Tommie & Lesia Harper
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Rea, Carrol & Norma

When we were first introduced to this business opportunity, we were actively looking for a way to create a little financial relief. As educators in a rural community, we were doing everything we knew to do and there just never seemed to be enough money. To be honest, when we saw this business and heard the stories of others and the freedoms they had achieved, that sounded great, but what really motivated us was the thought of having money left over at the end of the month and it not be because we forgot to pay something. The trips, the cars, being free of jobs all sounded wonderful, but to us that picture was beyond our thinking. Just to be able to have discretionary income would be a dream come true. To have money to handle the little things in life that come up, the unexpected things. To have money to get away for the weekend without ruining the budget. To have a life where paying the bills did not end up in a family argument or at the very least, didn’t put your stomach in a knot. What we didn’t see was what we really became a part of, something bigger than we had been able to comprehend at first. We became part of a business that took two employees and gave us an unlimited opportunity to become business owners. It provided us not only with opportunity, but with mentorship and training. And it also provided much more than just enough money to get through the end of the month. It has provided us the chance to both be free from jobs and raise our family, traveling with them all over the world. It provided a way to not just pay the bills, but to purchase things such as cars on the one payment plan. It provided a way for us to become debt free. What it really amounts to is it provided a way for us to live a life of choices we wanted to make for our family. Choices. Choices on where to live, where to educate our children, how and where we traveled. Choices not dictated by a paycheck or job requirements, but through the freedom allowed us through this business. And we love the fact that it is not just about us, but we can show others how to be free to make the choices in life they really want to make. Come join us.