Olynyk, Nick & Barb

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Nick & Barb Olynyk
Pin: Diamond
Markets: Canada


LOS Upline: Herosian, Brian & Deidre
Website: http://www.bww.com/

When I first saw this business, I didn't realize the potential or security that it offered, and as a result, I was not excited about the opportunity,' recalls Nick. 'My wife Julie was shown the program a week later, and although she didn't understand it, she thought it would be a good idea. We definitely could use the money, so we decided to pursue this business, not really believing it could become what it has.

'The bottom line has always been very simple ' I wanted security for my family. My biggest dream was not fancy cars, lavish homes, or travel all over the world; is was just that my family would never have to worry about bills or pressure from daily life. It was peace of mind and time together enjoying each other's company, that I craved.

'Not only our dreams, but our children's dreams were realized also. Our eldest son, Dwayne, was able to go to Europe, see Disneyworld, and drive a Porsche, before his untimely death from a hunting accident. Leaving us so suddenly, at the age of 19, was devastating to our family. '

Unfortunately, that was not the end of life-shattering experiences for Nick Olynyk. Just a few years after his son's death, his wife Julie succumbed to her battle with cancer. It was at this time that Nick discovered that his friends and associates in this business were absolutely there for him. Whether helping him with his business or offering comfort and assistance, Nick fully realized how much his business associates were like family. With all this love and support, Nick has been able to go on with his life, and his business continues to thrive.

There is a happy ending here. Just a couple of years ago, Nick married his second wife, Barb, who enjoys the business with him. The same dreams and goals still exist for Nick. Freedom, peace of mind, security, and the opportunity to achieve, are the reasons Nick started his business, and also why he still believes in this wonderful opportunity.