Herosian, Brian & Deidre

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Herosian, Brian & Deidre
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Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: Canada


LOS Upline: Taylor, David & Lorna
Website: http://www.herosian.com/, http://www.thisbiznow.com/quixtar/herosian.html

Deidre Herosian Headingly, Manitoba

At the age of 28, with his professional football career nearing its end, Brian was concerned about the future. At the time, Brian was playing for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the Canadian Football League, where he had been named Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player.

He had begun his professional football career with the Baltimore Colts. Even though the CFL signed him up less than three months after being cut from the Colts, Brian never forgot what happened to him in Baltimore, and was looking for something - a business to back up his primary income and become his career once football was over.

What career would be as exciting, and have the income he was accustomed to, as a pro athlete? After looking into many business ventures, Brian was introduced to this business by David Taylor, a former Colts team mate. "This business offered it all! Ownership, recognition, flexibility, unlimited income potential, and a chance to do something with my wife that would involve the entire family. What a great lifestyle!" says Brian.

When Brian met his wife, Deidre, he was a single Dad, caring for his son, Ben. Brian had lost his first wife in an automobile accident in which he was also injured. Although he recovered to play football again, he felt it was time to retire from the game.

Now, he and Deidre have three children, Ben, Amy, and Addison. Brian and Deidre have thoroughly enjoyed being a full-time parents to their children. Because Ben was born with some physical challenges, it has been especially beneficial for them to have time to spend with him.

"He's an incredible person, with a very strong self-image," Brian says. "It's all in the attitude. Kids pick up their parents' attitude, and because this business has allowed us time to be with him, Deidre and I are able to surround him with confidence and positive ideas." Deidre was very young and very shy when she met Brian.

"The fact that Brian and I built the business together, and everything we've accomplished financially and personally, I've contributed to, has really helped my self-esteem," Deidre explains. And they've accomplished quite a bit. They have a beautiful home in Winnipeg, and travel often to fabulous places. Today, the Herosians have both the time and the money to do whatever, whenever!