Melillo, Ray & Joanne

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Ray & Joanne Melillo
Melillo, Ray.jpg
Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Nardone, Angelo & Claudia

Ray & Joanne Melillo Executive Diamond Council

"I was single, 21 years old, in debt, and $200 away from law school," Ray Melillo remembers, "when my sponsor, Ed Maffia, showed me the business plan." Ed and Joe Petrillo ' both now Emerald IBOs ' were college buddies of Ray's who had gone off to law school.

"Ed came home one weekend, and showed me the plan on the back of an envelope in my car at 1:00 a.m. I figured, if it was good for those guys, it was good for me. You see, I trusted them and trust is absolutely vital to your success in this business. The rest is history!

"Living at home and renting a bed didn't give me an edge by any means. I remember Mom being so negative, that she'd interrupt my meetings in my room with laundry, and later we would argue about how gullible I was to believe 'those people.' Dad was even worse. He challenged me to work in his field of construction and see if I could continue to build my business. So I accepted a position at a job where he was foreman, hauling cement all day, and coming home ready to drop. But I was out nearly every night, showing the plan.

"The next thing I knew, I was a new Platinum, making more money than I ever made working full time. So, I bought my first Cadillac and was able to retire from my job at the ripe old age of 23. I haven't worked for another man since!

"By the way, my mom and dad are Jean and Runzie Valerio, Diamond IBOs, who have both been free from jobs for over 2 decades."

Today, Ray and his wife, Joanne, enjoy the fruits of their work, along with their three sons, Joey, Nicky, and Anthony.

They also enjoy working together to pass the dream on to others.

Within 18 months of qualifying Diamond, the Melillos went into EDC qualification. By keeping the faith and dream alive, their American and foreign businesses continue to grow. EDC has afforded them more security, and many, many luxuries, for them, and for their family.

"God is good," says Ray. "He blessed us with the greatest opportunity to serve people and succeed, as well as the greatest friends and mentors in Angelo and Claudia Nardone."

As a legal secretary in Manhattan, Joanne was very disillusioned about her future. "I thank God every day for our upline, who showed us by example how to live properly and in service to others. As a result, my boys have a very secure family life, and, most importantly, I don't need to worry about who their hero will be, because it's already their dad."

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